Spanish Smoked Paprika Dulce (Sweet) 70g

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La Dalia Smoked Paprika Dulce (Sweet) from Spain

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Spanish Smoked Paprika Dulce is rust red in colour with a unique smoky flavour.   Pimentón de La Vera, or smoked paprika, is a versatile seasoning used in countless Spanish recipes. Made from freshly harvested peppers smoked for 15 days over encina oak wood fires, this pimentón is mild with an intense smoked flavor. It is this intense smoky flavour that sets it apart from the bland paprika found in most grocery stores.

Smoked paprika is a key ingredient in authentic paella. Beyond paella, it is an excellent spice to use for flavouring potatoes, stews and sauces. Sweet smoked paprika’s smoky, intense flavour is also fantastic with roasted meats, chicken or fish.

La Dalia is the original and best brand of Pimentón de La Vera, and they still use stone mills to create the finest, most flavourful smoked paprika in Spain.  The peppers used to produce La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera are hand-harvested each year in early autumn. Just after harvesting, the peppers are sent to wooden smokehouses filled with the smoke of encina oak wood fires. For 15 days, the peppers are dried in this intense smoke. Once dried, La Dalia grinds the peppers on traditional granite millstones – resulting in a silky, rust-red paprika that is both deeply flavoured and smoky.

Price per 70g tin.

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