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Tasting Notes: Three Hills is a top fermented beer which can surprise classic lager lovers and connoisseurs of craft beer. It is distinguished by richness of taste with a mild sweet malt character. New hop variety “Polaris” gives herbal and minty notes to the drink.
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Buy 1 case (12 bottles) and get 5% OFF Discount! Tasting Notes: A natural, light and fresh alcoholic drink made from freshly squeezed Polish apple juice. It is distinguished by a natural method of production - Lublin Cider is made from freshly pressed juice from Polish apples in the process of...
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Light and elegant in style. 24-carat gold inside!
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World Beer Awards 2021 Belgium Winner! tasting Notes: Bavik Super Pils obtains its unique flavour through an exceptional brewing process. Our pilsner is not diluted, we only use aroma hops and guarantee a long and cold maturation process (30 days). Pasteurization is out of the question. Those 4...
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Tasting Notes: Easy drinking and soft taste is achieved by multi-level filtration, which creates a taste that will appeal to many connoisseurs of light lagers. Spicy floral-hop aroma and pleasant aftertaste without pronounced bitterness favorably distinguish the taste from other brands of light...
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Low Gluten, Low Sugar, Low Carb! Buy 1 case (24 cans) and get 5% OFF Discount! Tasting Notes: Isbjørn LOW CARB is brewed from a recipe containing less malt than the original Isbjørn, resulting in a beer with less calories. It has 70 % less carbohydrates and 30 % less sugar than Isbjørn, but has...
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Buy 1 case (24 cans) and get 5% OFF Discount! Tasting Notes: A light lager beer with a beautiful, golden color and a fresh aroma of flowers, malt and hops. The beer has a nice foam-head and a mild bitterness. Arctic Beer is perfect as an ice-cold aperitif, and as an accompaniment to light meat...
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World Beer Awards 2021 Belgium Winner! Tasting Notes: Petrus Aged Red is a blend of 15% Petrus Aged Pale, pure foeder beer that has been aged for 2 years in oak foeders, and 85% dubbel bruin with cherries. For the fruit beer lover, but with an ideal sweet-sour balance. Full-bodied, fruity and...
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Tasting Notes: A clear blond tripel, with a dry aftertaste and a fresh spicy taste. Still using the fine herbs out of the Abbey herb garden is a morel obligation in honour of the Herkenrode Abbey.
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The vodka contains alcohol of premium quality "Lux premium", and water from an artesian well with a depth of 220 meters. The vodka goes through turquoise filtration. The bottle emphasizes the premium quality of the product, as does the natural wood cork. The stylish box underlines the status and...
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STUMBRAS VODKA use 5 times filtered Lux Grade rectified grain spirit - which stands out for its exceptional purity & water from our own 100 meters deep well, STUMBRAS VODKA is first put through primary sand filters, then through activated carbon modular filters, and then finally through...
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Tasting Notes: Richly delicious and fragrant premium Russian beer, Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown) Classic is a pleasant refreshing lager with slight bitterness and hops aroma. New to the market from market leading brewers at Russian ABinBev.
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QLL is an Auckland based wholesaler and importer of liquor. We sell to trade: European and Russian beer, Russian and Polish vodka, brandy, whisky, specialty liqueurs and wines....


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